The full Change Bike range – now available at DC Cycles

We’re positive people here at Change Bike U.K, don’t you know? Things often get better with a little effort and some passion. Finally nailed that route project in Wales that has been hammering you for the past few months? Aced that home-made custom bike rack in your garage, so that you can actually walk from one end to the other? Well, try this out for size… DC Cycles now stock a full range of our DF folding bike Bike series. I know, pretty special right?

If you didn’t know, DC Cycles is one of Southampton’s premier bike shops, offering an endless line-up of bikes, parts and accessories. Not to mention their south-coast famous service and hospitality. What happens when a group of professional riders and bike technicians get together? Well… DC Cycles happens. It is for these reasons that we are proud to be stocked in such an awesome establishment. It’s an institution!

If you have never checked out before, we will assume that you have only just obtained broadband, from that old, weathered dial-up internet connection that anyone around in the 90’s so famously endured and simply haven’t had the time. But it’s ok, because Change and DC are here to Sherpa you up the ‘Add to Cart’ mountain, leaving you to hoon is back down on your new Change DF-602. Other models stocked by our British counterparts include the DF-609, DF-611, and DF-702 for all your on and off-road needs. Additionally, our popular DF-633 and DF-733 frames are available individually for all your full-size folding bicycle adventures.

Should you have any questions regarding our products and/or their store, none are more qualified than DC Cycles’ staff. So give them a call (023 81845996). Alternatively, with you as always is your site and personal Change Bike team member, sat eagerly awaiting your interest.

We look forward to hearing from you…

The Change Bike U.K Team

Full size folding mountain bike


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