Whatever your discipline, choose a bike to suit your lifestyle.

A Revolution in Cycle Technology

Change folding bikes provide a total revolution in cycling technology, the design of the folding mechanism is the first of it’s kind and has unrivalled strength and performance capabilities.

Buying a folding bike no longer has to be a compromise on performance.With full-size wheels and high spec Shimano components, the Change bike range is equipped to take on the leaders of the mountain bike class whilst offering never before seen usability and convenience.

Folding bikes are undoubtedly the perfect solution for many commuters and are sometimes the only option for cyclists who are limited by space.

A Totally Unique Frame Design

Many cyclists can be sceptical when presented with the idea of a folding bike as there have been many attempts at designing a bike that can be folded but does not compromise on the performance or the geometry of the bike.

Previous attempts have used heavy clasps that can be easily damaged or come undone when riding.

Our folding mechanism uses a totally unique 4 tooth clamp system that is integrated into the frame of the bike.

We also use a secondary clamp just below the bottom bracket which prevents and movement in the clamp when riding. This means that our bikes look and ride just like any other bike of a similar spec and can handle their own on the trails.

Designed for Whatever You Throw at It.

Change Bikes are designed for adventure and redefine the way you can use your bike.

Take your bike with you on your travels and take the stress and hassle away from transporting and storing your bicycle. All the Change bike models are small enough to fit in the boot of a small city car such as the Skoda CityGo getting rid of the need for expensive and complicated bike carriers and letting you get on with your adventure.