Folding Mountain Bikes

The Change folding mountain bike range will handle and perform just as well as a conventional bicycle and are well specced with Shimano and Fox components to compete with the best bikes on the market.

Can hold their own against a conventional bike.

The full-size folding bike is a relatively new concept but is developing constantly. With new technologies, we have developed a folding bike that means you no longer have to make a choice between convenience and performance.

Our range of folding mountain bikes provides a revolution in cycling technology. They are the only bike of their kind to have obtained the EN 14766-certification, proving they can hold their own with any conventional bike, both in design and performance.

A mountain bike that fits in the boot of your car.

The greatest advantage of a folding mountain bike over using a standard mountain bike is that it removes the need to used a bicycle carrier or bike rack when transporting your bicycle. It also means that you can fold your bike up and take it anywhere by train and most airlines will allow you to take your Change Bike on a flight as an extra standard luggage item instead of a bicycle which is usually an extra charge.

Many folding bikes are available today but none as capable as the Change Bike range, the only folding bike to pass the EN14766 certificate for off road use. After extensive testing and heavy use on expert mountain bike trails, the Change folding frames have proved themselves to be extremely durable and easily hold their own against a standard mountain bike.

Designed for Whatever You Throw at It.

Most folding mountain bike models available today are have had to heavily compromise in order to allow the bike to fold up. The Change Bike maintains a full-size bicycle wheel size and frame geometry and the DF-812 is specced with the top of the range Shimano components.