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Full size folding hybrid bike

In a world of choice and freedom, difficulties can often arise with one’s purchasing decisions. Factors such as minimal browsing time, screaming children, parents or partners, and more often than not a lack of money place stress on your much-deserved shopping experience. Not to mention the fact that specifically in the biking world, there are more companies, products and innovations than you can poke a stick at. Like a lover searching for their soul mate; a driver braving Plymouth’s one-way system; a student choosing a Subway post-night-out, the options are endless. But the world stops for no man (or woman).

Fortunately for you all, there is help. They say not all heroes wear capes, and this is somewhat true. Ours wear bike helmets. We are talking about the professionals over at, who take the time to review the best gear around and give you wonderful people the low-down. This July 2016 is no exception, as the team have come together to give you a list of the best bike gear around. Whether a pre-ride coffee is your bag, or you’ve had your eye on a pair of new sunnies, is the place to be. But why this month than any other you might ask? Well, because Change Bikes’ very own DF-611 folding hybrid bike has made its way onto the podium as one of the best around.

We take our work here at Change Bike very seriously, and have spent countless hours attempting to bring our cycling family (that’s you readers) the very best in cycling technology. That’s partly why we are the only company in the world to sell a full size folding bike selection that doesn’t compromise on strength or performance… But you know this already. Whether you fancy yourself an interesting read, or have been saving your pennies for the next best thing in cycling, we recommend checking out for your weekly dose of what’s hot and what’s not. Because trust us, it is most certainly hot. Take some oven gloves…

The link you need is right here:


The Change Bike Team


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