Bike Storage Ideas: 15 Ways to Store Your Folding Mountain Bike

In this modern age, sometimes living space can be at a premium. Large bikes (and indeed smaller folding bikes!) somtimes don’t lend themselves to effective storage. Today we take a look at some of the options available to store your folding bike.

One of the biggest challenges to owning a bike is storage. Leaving your bike outside leaned up against a wall is not an option. Doing that exposes your bike to harsh weather conditions that could dampen your rides performance. In this post, we extensively discuss how to store a mountain bike.

1. Floor stand

Basically, it is a long metal bar with vertical slats configured to hold only a single bike. The ground support is quite similar to the bike rack used in grade school. They are very simple and ideal when there is enough ground room. In fact, they are suitable for garages and entrance hallways. You just fit the front or back wheel and you’re done.

2. Storage Sheds

If you do not have enough space or if you have a bunch of bikes, you may want to consider a bike shed. It’s a great choice if you do not want to store your bike indoors or in the garage. You have an option of three brackets for attaching to the bike shed and for storing various types of bicycles, from narrow road bikes to electric bikes to big tyres.

3. Free-standing racks

These freestanding racks are perfect for garages and places where racks cannot be mounted on the wall. They are usually designed to accommodate two bikes, sometimes even more. The racks and bikes can be easily moved for cleaning, reorganizing a garage or moving to another apartment or house.

4. Wall mounts

Wall mounts are suitable for people who have little space and do not want their bikes on the floor. The racks offer a wide variety of product line in the market. The options include simple hooks, hooks and trays, hinges or horizontal wall hangings. Mountain bikes bend aggressively making it difficult to store through the upper tube, but the arms of some wall mounts move up and down to fit the specific shape of your bike.

5. A Simple Stand

Sometimes the simple things in life are the best and this also applies to a bike rack. Simple bike stands are used as a display and a workbench for cleaning, repairing or simply storing bicycles. The stands are available in red, green, and white for both indoor and outdoor use. If you use your bike often this can be ideal for a commuter bike.

6. Bike Cabinets

Are you renting or are you looking for a more convenient and secure way to store your bike? These cabinets are intended to create unique bicycle storage space for tool kits, helmets, shoes, and more. For those who like to ride a bike and do not want to drill holes in the wall, this bike cabinet may be the best storage solution for a folding mountain bike.

7. Bike Shelter on the Balcony

If you live in an apartment and you have a balcony, you can create space for your bike. Under the shelter but outside the living room, the bike is dry and safe. Attach a few hooks to the wall to preserve the floor space then move it away from the floor.

8. Hoist bicycle storage

The Hoist bicycle storage system is an excellent substitute for standard ceiling mounts. The system is ideal for high ceilings when you can’t easily access your bikes with the standard hooks. The system can lift the bike and free up space in the garage, attic or dressing room. It involves an efficient pulley system to help raise and lower the bike. Measure the height of the ceiling before you start shopping. Some can only withstand heights of up to 12 feet.

9. Ceiling mounts

Ceiling mounts are the best choice for garages when you have a folding bike. These easy-to-install storage racks take up vacant spaces on the top of the garage, getting your bikes out of the way. The only real problem is if the bike is too heavy to be lifted or if the ceiling is high and a ladder is needed.
For daily use, make sure the bike is suspended low so that you can easily grasp while taking it down. If you have several bikes suspended by wheels, you can arrange the front and back wheels interchangeably so that the handles do not interfere with each other.

10. Gravity frame

Gravity frames support is designed to rest against the flat part of the wall and to stabilize the arrangement with the weight of the bike. No need to drill holes in the wall. Usually, they can hold two bicycles.

11. Kickstands

Kickstands are one of the most basic storage options and a great way to keep your road bikes erect in the garage. Serious road cyclists generally do not use these supports in order to reduce weight. However, a leisure cyclist may find it convenient to fit a kickstand.

12. Bike Storage Wall

The vertical bicycle garage is a good solution for very small spaces of home and office. The system is also suitable for apartments or family homes that require a maximum of 3 to 4 bikes. Endo is a simple wall storage system that folds flat when not in use. With variety of bright colours like yellow, green, pink, blue, red, black and white.

13. Turn Your Bicycle Storage into a Living Room Feature

Storing your bike in the living room is another great choice for storing a folding bike. The hero system has the ability to turn ordinary old bikes into an art installation. Hanging a bicycle as a work of art, however, requires a lot of wall space. With the use of simple wall clips, you can store your bike horizontally from one side to the other. Like Endo, there are a variety of bright colours to choose from.

14. A Secure Bike Metal Shed

Metal Storage Shed for your Folding Mountain Bike

If it is not an option to put your bike in the house, you require a very safe outdoor unit this is ideal for a commuter bike. Loop protection provides this functionality. This galvanized metal bike park is bolted to concrete and can accommodate up to 3 adult bikes. In addition are padlocks, floor anchors and security chains to keep your bikes more secure.

15. Topeak Two Up Bike Rack

To Peak Two Up Folding Mountain Bike Storage Solution

For those who rent accommodation and aren’t allowed to install anything on the wall, the Topeak rack is a good option. It is perfect for both storage and maintenance work. The rack is one of the most robust racks on the market with two hangers but can hold up to four.

When it comes to storage of your folding mountain bike, there are many options on design and storage types. From space efficient storages to creative and attractive storage options, this varieties offer you choices on which storage option is preferable to you. Before purchasing a storage for your bike it is important to check on the space at your disposal. Also, you should consider your bike size and weight. The options featured above give an idea on some of the best bicycle storage options available.

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