Change and Brompton – same problem, different soloution

Full size folding road bike

Folding bikes have become big news in the modern cycling era. With new breeds of city inhabitants requiring faster and more practical modes of transport, the prehistoric plod, so commonly known as ‘walking’, seems far less practical. Even Jason Statham’s enthusiastic “Left leg, right leg… Your body will follow!” does nothing to excite the tedious, snail like, inter-train shuffle that so many endure in daily life. But add expensive inner-city costs to the necessity of saving your hard earned living space, and the possibility of an alternative might seem slim… to some. Well, unless you have been living under a rock, you might have worked out by now that alternatives do exist. Since 1975, London based bike barnets have been bringing you the critically-acclaimed Brompton; one of the original two wheeled folding commuters. Since its creation in a small South Kensington flat, the bike has continued to make a respectable name for itself as a space saving, road-mile eating, city based commuter; designed to make redundant the time eating walk commute that plagues most daily routines. But despite the abundance of competition, little has been done to revolutionise and improve the folding bike design. And unlike the other competitors, there has never been a space saving option better suited to both an inner and outer-city riding until now.

Brompton folding bikeEnter the Change DF-702. Like it’s older London cousin, the bike’s frame allows the ability to roll, be stood and carried once folded, saving space but also allowing access to busy public transport with ease. But unlike the Brompton, the DF-702’s internationally patented, tool free folding design offers familiar road bike geometry for both comfort and performance. This offers a wider range of possibilities in riding for both the weekday business commuter, and the weekend distance rider. Change’s higher quality Shimano components, offering better gear ranges and higher spec brakes continue to solidify the DF-702’s dominance as a performance commuter over its folding rivals – whilst the 700c endurance wheels also combine with these benefits to argue advantages over many of its unfolding rivals too. As if things couldn’t get any better, the European EN14781 safety test passing DF-702 frame also provide a better spec alternative to the Brompton, whilst not compromising on strength or performance – It’s lighter too you see? Oh, and did we mention, the DF-702 frame is available for purchase independently also.

Change DF-702 Folding road bikeSo whether you want to eat some miles as a professional endurance rider, or hit the streets as a busy work commuter, the Change DF-702 has everything you need and more, in the race for biking joy and efficiency. Make Change in your life today and find out more from our website:

All the best

The Change Bikes Team

  1. Kenneth says:

    I got the the Change bike DF-702and Brompton, the Change bike is really a good folding bike for Urban city.

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