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With more traffic on the road than ever, British sport cycling being at its most successful and time waiting for no-one when it comes to staying fit and healthy, it’s not hard to see how cycling is becoming one of the most popular interests to date. The numbers don’t lie when it comes to Britain’s uptake of two-wheeled travel, with more than 2 million people getting on the road at least once a week; which according to British Cycling is the highest it has ever been. As a result, British bike companies are also seeing a dramatic rise in sales with companies such as Halfords and Rapha experiencing consistent sales growth year on year.

But interestingly, it is not simply bikes in general that have experienced tremendous business figures; folding bike sales are also on the up. Since the first folding bike design was patented in 1887, the designs, styles and builds of the collapsible machines have changed drastically. But despite the feats in folding bicycle engineering, the concept and benefits have never changed.

British cycling

Folding bicycles, much like conventional bicycles, incorporate the benefit of staying fit with the ability to commute. Due to rules imposed on commuters with full size bikes however, in addition to the obscenely busy nature of the UK’s public transport, the folding bike’s compact design tops the practicality of its rigid framed cousins. Collapsible practicality isn’t just limited to commuting benefits however, with the average traditional bicycle being stolen within 23 months of purchase, the ability to fold and store a bicycle within the residence is one of its most significant advantages. Add the fact that you’re doing more towards saving the environment and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re grabbing your coat and heading out the door to go get yours now.

So what do Change bikes offer to the morning/evening commuter, the space saving apartment owner, the adaptable cycling enthusiast and others? Well combine the above benefits with the below and everything will begin to make sense:

  • Strength and rigidity of a full size bicycle
  • Optimum speed and comfort with conventional bicycle geometry
  • Stylish, sport inspired practicality
  • Adaptable usage for both the commuter, and the enthusiast
  • If you didn’t know any better you wouldn’t think it could fold!Change DF-702 Folding road bike

Here at Change, we hope the design of our bike speaks for itself. But if you need a little hint, we could tell you that never has there been a bike to do it all, and do it all well… until now.

If you would like to know more about or bikes, or you would like to see them for yourself, then why not visit one of our retailers.

The Change Bike Team


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