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Convenience Without Compromise

Change Bike set out to revolutionise the folding bike.

The mission was simple: to provide convenience without compromise. By ditching the rulebook and deciding to work backwards, Change started by designing high-quality, premium bikes and then engineered a pioneering folding mechanism. Their passion and ingenuity has produced awesome bikes that maintain the performance and geometry of regular bikes with the bonus of being able to be folded.

Quality and safety is a top priority. That’s why they are the only folding bikes to have passed all the safety tests that standard bikes are subject to.


Meet The Team

We believe in exceeding expectations and providing the best possible service. Our goal is to bring a friendly small independent shop feel into the online world. Any questions or problems, we’re always happy to help!


Kyle founded Change Bike UK in 2016

With a long standing commitment to success, Kyle has a passion for everything with two wheels. He started out operating an independent Cycle repair business Quickshift Cycles and then launched his own brand of fixed gear called Stance Bikes. In 2016 he discovered Change Bike Ltd and quickly established a partnership to become the European distributor.

Fun fact: Kyle was previously a Motorbike racer competing in British Superbikes. He’s one of the few people that can claim that they’ve run themselves over… 3 times!

Ideal ride: A smooth rolling single track with amazing views.


Tom Joined the team in 2019

He started life working in his family's business before moving on to work for other premium brands such as Toyota and Jaguar Land Rover. He has gained extensive experience managing teams and developing outstanding customer experiences. With his professional knowledge he is helping to develop the Change Bike UK brand and improve the experience for our customers.

Fun fact: Has never ridden a bike before... Or so it appears!

Ideal ride: Following Kyle on a downhill run with 50/50 odds of success.


Jack has been managing the marketing for Change Bike UK since 2018.

Jack currently manages his own marketing agency and has helped to grow the Change Bike brand in the UK.

Fun fact: Jack once took his own DF-812 to a run in Zell-am-See, Austria and greatly overestimated his own abilities. The bike made it to the bottom - Jack didn't!

Ideal ride: Preferably something safe and flat.