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The first full size folding bike to maintain the geometry and performance of an traditional bicycle design,
Change Bike redefines the way you are able to use your bicycle.

Ideal for touring and commuting. Pack, store and transport your bike with ease without the need for tools

Change Bike internationally patented folding system – awarded the Taiwanese Golden Pin design award

Change folding bikes –  the only folding frames to pass the European MTB frame safety test – EN 14766

Fresh MTB design

The Change folding mountain bike range offers all you expect and more with an internationally patented, simple and easy to use folding design that allows you to take your bike anywhere.

Unrivalled usability combined with the performance that you’re accustom to. Meet the Change Bike – not a folding bike, but a bike that folds.

The ultimate city commuter

Most brands available today offer nothing new, with the same old components available from any other manufacturer and the same old geometry – because we all know it works.

Our bikes bring something new to the table not only providing the performance and quality you expect, but also bringing a whole new dimension to the way you use your bike. The folding hybrid bike is the perfect city commuter, with both on and off road capabilities.

Full size folding hybrid bike
Commuter and change bike bag

Built for travel

The folding process is straight forward and does not require and tools. The folding mechanism has been strenuously tested and integrated into the frame giving it a sleek, unassuming design.

Performance meets usability

We understand that performance is the key factor when choosing your new bike. Your bike has to be able to hold its own against the other models on the market for the within your budget.

The Change folding road bike range is perfect for use with public transport, allowing you to do the distance when you need to but giving you the flexibility to fold your bike up and store it at home or for travel.

Full size folding road bike

Fast and easy folding process

The folding process has been designed to be as quick and simple as possible without interfering with the ordinary function or performance of the bike. This video shows just how easy it is to fold your bike away for storage or transport when you’re done riding. 

Changing the standard for folding bikes

Rather than attempting to alter the design of the frame of the bike around the folding mechanism.

The Change Bike folding system is designed around the tried and tested frame geometry, with the mechanism being integrated into an already proven design that has been developed over generations. Our folding frames are also available separately, giving you the option to convert your current bike.

Full size folding mountain bike
Change folding bike frames

Revolutionary folding design

The folding bike has become a hugely popular method of transport for the modern commuter, they offer a unique practicality that you just don’t get with an ordinary bicycle.

However, the current designs all compromise on the performance of the bike and sacrifice design, aesthetics and the bikes geometry. Not just another folding bike, but a bike that folds.

 What are you waiting for? 

It’s time for a Change.