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Why Take your Folding Bike on a Camping Holiday?

September 30, 2021 3 min read

Why Take your Folding Bike on a Camping Holiday?

Once in a while, avid campers and tourers escape the hustle and bustle of city life to go camping for a few days. It’s a great way to interact with nature and reenergize. A mountain bike is one of the most important items you can bring to your campsite.

But you can’t just go to the campsite with any regular road bike. A folding bike is ideal for the great outdoors. Here’s why:

They do not take up much space

Carrying a lot of items to the campground will make your experience less enjoyable. Most people pack a tent for two, which means space can be a big problem. A road bike takes up more space and makes the inside of your tent look cluttered. But a foldable bike solves this issue. You can easily fold it up when you’re done touring and put it inside your tent. In addition, you can use it to carry items such as water bottles when going for short rides.

Easy to transport

Carrying a conventional bike is taxing, especially when you’re in sections of a trail that don’t allow you to cycle. Folding bikes are light, and once folded, you can easily carry them in one hand. This way, cyclists can tour almost any place they want without having any worries.

Also, the portability of a folding bike makes it ideal for a camping enthusiast. For instance, if you’re driving to the campsite or trailhead, you can effortlessly collapse and place it in your car’s boot.

Folding bikes are fast

Foldable bikes’ wheels are the same size as traditional bikes, meaning they easily gain speed. So if you’re looking to tour the surrounding area and see more things, this bike will give you the speed you need. What’s more, its design enables riders to navigate corners and difficult parts of a trail expertly.

More Durable

This is another feature that makes folding bikes excellent for the great outdoors. Camping lovers go out often, so having to repair your bike regularly can be frustrating. Folding bikes are surprisingly sturdy and will withstand the uneven terrains of many camping sites. 

This kind of bike allows you to leave your tool kit behind, which means fewer items in your camping backpack. The fact that it’s durable means it has a higher resale value than traditional fixed bikes. So when you need to buy a different foldable bike, you are always sure to get a decent amount for your current bike.

Why you need a Change Bike for your next camping trip

Here are some reasons why a Change Bike is ideal for your camping trip:

  •    They are made with the latest folding bikes technology, which means they match or surpass the quality of standard mountain bikes. They check the three boxes of performance, design, and convenience - a combination that biking enthusiasts typically seek. 
  •    Change Bike’s foldable mountain bikes hold an ISO4210 certification, the only one of their type to obtain it.
  •    Change Bikes are built to handle all kinds of terrains-paved and unpaved. They’re quite durable and can be used on mountainous or rocky terrains for many years.
  •    These bikes are perfect for space saving. You will not require a bike rack or carrier when driving to the camping site. You simply collapse your Change Bike and place it inside your car. It’s also easy to transport when using other transport means such as trains.
Since you will be camping for just a couple of days, you have to make the most of it. A folding bike is what you need to make your camping trip more enjoyable. From the above points, it has more advantages than the standard fixed mountain bike. But why not try it out and see for yourself? Check out our range ofChange Bikes.

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